Welcome to A Bunch of Lemons.  Why lemons? Simply because I attract the sweet and sour of life.  Mostly the sweet, or the kind that if it doesn’t kill you, makes for an interesting story.  I’m always trying to use life’s lemons and make something sweet.  You can choose to let its bitterness eat away at you, or you can take the sweetness and make something good of it.  On occasion you just might need to mix it with a little club soda and vodka…but I digress.  I’m an eternal optimist, who likes to nap, read books, drink coffee until it is socially acceptable to drink wine.  I am a wife, a mom to 2 humans and 3 fur babies, an obsessive book reader, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ enthusiast, and essential oil fanatic. I hate doing laundry and I am about as undomestic as they come. My favourite food groups are coffee, wine and pie. I talk too much, sleep too little, and am easily distracted. I am an undomestic housewife and crazy cat lady.  I am slightly cracked but not broken. I am in essence a beautiful disaster.