Ah yes. the joys of  “Scam Season”.  That wonderful season when fake calls come from those pretending to be from the Tax Department, informing us that there is a warrant out for our arrest due to tax fraud.  “Officer Jefferson” left us a message informing us if we didn’t call him back immediately…well then “good luck” lol.  I received a text informing me that if I entered my bank information, the Canadian Revenue Agency would place funds in my account….because that’s how the National Revenue Agency works….I don’t think so.   I did receive another email from a prince somewhere in Africa recently who wanted me to help him secure some funds. Apparently my last name was similar to his and thus there was a chance we could be related.  As such he wanted to know if I would help him secure 15 million dollars.  Do people really buy into these emails??  I guess some people do, which is so sad.  I usually delete these emails, but a while back, I decided to respond.  Apparently I had some free time back then. The sender, a Mr. Thomspon was apparently a dying man who needed my help to access funds.  I responded to the first email by stating I wasn’t interested in the scam, but clearly an automated email was sent back to me in response (see below), under the premise that I was agreeable to participating in the scam.  I figured I would at least entertain myself. Oddly, after I responded, Mr. Thomspon never wrote me again…so tragic, I was on my way to many riches LOL.  I guess I am no longer his “beloved”.

Not wanting to be rude, I responded…ignore my grammar in the letter. I wrote it in 10 minutes and didn’t bother with spell check or anything. Perhaps it was my lack of grammar that severed our pen pal relationship.  Alas, I will never know.  I do like orange jello. That much is true, and as for the voices in my head….I’ll never tell 😉

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