My Little Diva loves baking. She is almost 10 yrs old and has dreams of making macarons and cupcakes and selling them at her lemonade stand this summer.  So imagine her delight when we saw Sweet Bake Shop by Tessa Sam in the bookstore.  First thing she did when she started turning the pages of her new book was swoon over the beautiful pictures of cakes, cupcakes and macarons.  The book is filled with beautiful photos that had both my Little Diva and I wanting to get home and bake something.  The second thing my Little Diva did was declare that one day, she could be like Tessa Sam who wrote this book.   I love it.  Of course you can my Little Diva.  Go bake up a storm, mess up my kitchen, enjoy this wonderful new book called Sweet Bake Shop.  I can’t wait to taste all the things she makes.

I love this book for so many reasons. It is beautiful photographed.  The recipes are easy to follow although I’m not sure ours will turn out as beautiful as the ones pictured, but we are sure going to try.  We can’t decide whether to make the Vanilla Blackberry Crumble Cupcakes or the Dreamy Vanilla Cake first!   Lil Diva and I both recommend Sweet Bake Shop by Tessa Sam.  It would make a sweet addition to any home cooking library, or the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys baking.

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