My parents have this very cool table in their entrance, but it was dated.  My grandfather was an electrician at the Hyatt Regency about 30 years ago. They bought this side table when the hotel redecorated.  I’m sure the dark gold finish was trendy back then, but now…not so much.  Add to the fact that over the years the table had gotten a bit beat up.  We decided this side table needed a make over.

The table was bolted to the wall so I left it in place and just taped some newspaper around the table.  As the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan sticks to most surfaces, it was the perfect choice for this project.

I painted the table top with Country Grey, which isn’t really a grey, but  a beautiful neutral with great coverage. Once it was dry, I painted Coco onto the table top in criss cross patterns and then used my blow dryer to create a crackle effect.  Did you know you can use a blow dryer to crackle??  Just put the paint a little thicker and while wet, put your blow dryer on highest setting and blow dry the area.  The heat will cause the paint to crackle adding a very pretty effect to the surface.  Once the table top was once again dry, I used a damp sponge to wet distress the surface.

The table top still appeared too light for my mama’s liking.  I took some Honfleur, which is reminiscent of the colour of milk chocolate (to me) and created a wash (60% paint, 40% water) and painted the top of the table, then immediately wiped some of the wash off with a dry rag.  This wash allowed for the texture and layers to remain visible, but darkened the table top nicely.

To finish the table top, I mixed clear wax with dark and black wax and applied it to the dried table top surface.

The body of the table was painted in Pure White, and then once dry, a coat of Country Grey.  I layered the Pure White and Country Grey on the table body to create layers and texture.  The brush strokes were criss cross with an Annie Sloan #12 brush.  I wanted textured brush strokes to create something that felt more old world.

Once the paint was dry, I used a wet soft scrub sponge to distress the table, allowing the original gold finish and the layers of paint to come through.

 The body was finished with clear wax, followed by dark wax.   I added black wax in some areas to create depth and aging.  After the table was buffed to remove excess wax, I added Dark Gold Gilding Wax to areas of the table body.  Remember to add gilding wax as the last step.  Clear wax will removed the gilding wax otherwise.


I let the table sit for a few days, to let the wax begin to cure.  I gave it a final buffing a few days later.  My parents love the new table.  It will take about 3 weeks to fully cure, after which my mama can decorate the table however she wishes.

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