Can I just mention how much I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!  I love these shoes.  They are one of my most comfortable shoes, and in my favourite colour too. The only problem with them is I haven’t been successful in finding the right colour shoe polish to fix them up.  They have gotten scuffed up over the last 2 years in the usual places, and were starting to look a little banged up.  Then it dawned on me….Annie Sloan Chalk Paint adheres to almost anything, so why not my shoes. I purchased a sample pot of Emperor’s Silk.  I painted my shoes.  It was a little brighter than I hoped but I wasn’t worried because the clear wax deepens the colour somewhat.  I applied the clear wax and it was much closer to what I wanted but still a little bright.  I added a little black wax to the clear wax to deepen the red. It turned out perfect.  Not only did the Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint cover up the scuff marks, the clear wax mixed with a hint of black wax deepened the colour.  The wax also sealed the chalk paint, providing a degree of water and scuff resistance.  My favourite shoes are now as good as new.  Just another use for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I love this stuff. You can literally paint almost anything!


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